In accordance with the law of creation of the National Park of Timanfaya, the Administration of the Park has some main objectives: ensure the conservation of the natural and cultural resources; restore the damaged ecosystems; develop a system of public use, compatible with the conservation of resources; carry out interpretive activities and environmental education to promote the respect of citizens towards the park; perform the necessary studies to ensure a scientific basis in its management; and, finally, promote the sustainable development of the socioeconomic environment of the park.

Even being Timanfaya a park declared by its landscape and geological values, the natural processes also have a great importance. These habitats are home to many plants and animals, very interesting species, including protected species and some endemic species to the Canary Islands. Consequently, the park becomes a refuge and a place of study of these species. One of the main management objectives established in the PRUG is the launching of genetic programmes to rescue endangered species. This whole unit creates a place with a high level of biodiversity. One of the objectives to be achieved through the different actions that are being carried out in the park is to maintain these levels of biodiversity.

In the park, several tasks, like uprooting, are performed in order to control the invasive alien species, such as Nicotiana glauca and Rumex lunaria.

Timanfaya is the only park of the Canary Islands that includes a coastal zone in its limits. Nowadays, several actions are being conducted to develop a proper management of the public use, of the residues on the coastline that come from the sea and of the maintenance of traditional fishing and shellfishing. All this should be accompanied by an improvement of the scientific knowledge about the environment, which can serve as a basis for a better management. That is why several studies are being developed to have the greatest possible number of data on the natural environment and the cultural aspects of the park.