Environmental Education

Educación ambiental The environmental education programmes have the objective to sensitize and involve students, users of the camping of the Riachuelo and the general public, in the ecological and cultural values of the park, the conservation of the endangered flora, the control of exotic wildlife, of forest fires and of water resources, thus promoting the respect for nature.


Students doing internship and environmental volunteering

Estudiantes en prácticas

In Visitors Centre in El Paso has study rooms and library used by students of vocational training in the field of forestry and tourism, to perform the internships in companies. In addition, students from different national and foreign universities have chosen La Caldera for the implementation of practices, studies and projects of an environmental nature.

Volunteering activities are carried out through NGOs. The board of the park proposes the activities to be carried out and supervises the development of the same, facilitating the use of reception facilities.