Santuario aborigen Alto de Garajonay The first settlers of the island drew benefit from the current territory of the National Park. The collection of food and firewood, as well as grazing, were the reasons why the Gomeritas burst into the cold and wet mountains. It has also been identified a sacred use of the higher enclaves, as it is the case of the Roque de Agando, where ritual structures have been located. The various activities that have been historically made on the island (the sugar mills, the construction of houses and boats, coal works or grazing) have exploited the riches of the forest. The good state of conservation of the mountain was the reason why, in 1981, it was declared as Garajonay National Park. Since then, the conservation of its ecosystems, the approach of the park to the local population and visitors, as well as the socioeconomic development of the island, have been management priorities.
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