• Declaration date: Law 3/81, 25th March.
    • Instruments: PRUG (Royal Decree 1531/86 of 3rd May).
    • Superficie: 3.986 ha.
    • Natural System it represents: Systems linked to the laurel forest.
    • Surface of the park: 3,986 Has.
    • Ownership of the land: Public (100%).
    • Municipalities: Vallehermoso (32.7%), Hermigua (25.7%), Agulo (19.3%), Valle Gran Rey (8.8%) San Sebastian de La Gomera (7.2%) and Alajeró (6.3%).
    • Province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife (island of La Gomera).
    • Autonomous Community: The Canary Islands.
    • Telephone: Administrative Office: (+34) 922 92 26 00; Visitors Centre: (+34) 922 80 09 93.
    • Cultural Values:
      • Archaeological sites of the aboriginal population of La Gomera.
      • In the surroundings of the park, systems of terraces conditioned for the cultivation in steep slopes.
      • Silbo gomero, or a transmission system of the language in long distance by means of whistles.
    • Natural Values:
      • Mature laurisilva forests.
      • Diversity of types of vegetation formations.
      • Good state of conservation of forests with abundant old trees of great size.
      • Very high number of endemic species of flora and fauna.
      • Spectacular geological monuments, such as Los Roques.

  Other information:

Supranational Networks:

    • World Heritage (UNESCO).
    • Natura 2000 (ZEC/ZEPA Garajonay).

From the 1st January 2010, the management of the Garajonay National Park corresponds exclusively to the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands:

  • ROYAL DECREE 1550/2009, 9th October, about the expansion of the functions and services of the State Administration transferred to the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, in terms of the conservation of nature (National Parks of Teide, Timanfaya, Caldera de Taburiente and Garajonay). (BOE, No. 270 of 9th November 2009).

  • Decree 226/2009, 3rd December, from the President, by which it is assigned to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning the management of National Parks, transferred by Royal Decree 1550/2009 on 9th October.