STOP 1. Los Roques Lookout

STOP 2. Lookout of the monument to the victims of the 1984 fire

STOP 3. The Colgado Lookout

STOP 4. Agando Lookout

STOP 5. El Bailadero Lookout

STOP 6. El Rejo Lookout

STOP 7. Tajaqué Lookout

STOP 8. Garajonay Heights

STOP 9. Igualero Lookout

STOP 10. Vallehermoso Lookout

STOP 11. Lomo del Dinero Lookout

STOP 12. The Piedra Hincada Lookout


Recreational Area

STOP 13. Ermita de Lourdes Recreational Area

STOP 14. La Laguna Grande Recreational Area

STOP 15. Las Creces Recreational Area

STOP 16. Epina Recreational Area


Route 1. El Bailadero (download here)

STOP 17. The water that irrigates the island originates in Garajonay

STOP 18 The waters have revealed them

STOP 19. The sponge forest

STOP 20 Caution!

STOP 21. The tunnel of the vertical and the horizontal

STOP 22. Not all the woodland is the same

STOP 23. In Garajonay it is possible to live without touching the ground


Route 2. Ermita de Lourdes (download here)

STOP 24. This is one of the best trails for walking and learning about the laurisilva

STOP 25. A privileged trail/span>

STOP 26. A trail with a touch of exuberance and freshness

STOP 27. The trail, the stock route, a laurel with moss, ferns and who knows what else?

STOP 28. Princes, politician, woodcutters, tourists and many more have walked these paths

STOP 29. Beside laurus, the immortal giant

STOP 30. At last! A box alongside the trail

STOP 31. The route ends at Doña Florencia's Chapel


Route 4. Los Barranquillos (download here)

STOP 32. After centuries of human activity the forest is recovering its natural setting in Garajonay

STOP 33. A privileged tree

STOP 34. Unsustainable forestry

STOP 35. If the forest is denied nutrition it takes longer to recover

STOP 36. Traditional grazing used enclosures

STOP 37. Up and down... And beyond the seas

STOP 38. A stroll with a happy ending


Route 5. Las Creces (download here)

STOP 39. El jardín de las creces or la cañada del jardín: a corral overflowing with resources

STOP 40. A recently formed gulley

STOP 41. The Myrtle and Tree heath forest

STOP 42. Have you got something in common with the laurel?

STOP 43. A sponge forest very close to the Sahara

STOP 44. "Why should i change if i don't need to?"

STOP 45. Which of these is the laurisilva tree?

STOP 46. A supermarket at your backdoor

STOP 47. Vindicating the "invisible"

STOP 48. Crossroads you have to choose a path... And if you like, a moment of reflection


Route 6. La Laguna Grande II (download here)

STOP 49. The way the woodland is used has changed but the result is the same loving the forest today and tomorrow

STOP 50. A stroll through the past shows you the road to the future

STOP 51. Making tracks was hard work

STOP 52. Is the woodland "dirty"?

STOP 53. Fire stopped the ecological restoration of this area

STOP 54. La sita del monte

STOP 55. A place that brings hope

STOP 56. Where are the dinosaurs?

STOP 57. Canary Island balm, rosemary and thyme...

STOP 58. Conserving the woodland is in your hands too


Route 7. Contadero – Alto de Garajonay (download here)

STOP 59. Garajonay offers you beautiful landscapes full of old stories and new purposes

STOP 60. Imagine what the first human beings to see these rainforests on which you look today felt

STOP 61. Wayfarer there is no path, you make the path by walking

STOP 62. They are felling the woodland!

STOP 63. Garajonay: the sanctuary of the aboriginals of nature


Route 8. Reventón Oscuro – El Cedro  (download here)

STOP 64. Advancing towards conservation

STOP 65. The ground is more than a place to leave your footprint

STOP 66. Which tree is the laurisilva?

STOP 67. The tunnel

STOP 68. The rock rose, plants without stems

STOP 69. The round curve on our path

STOP 70. The farmstead is the huiman design in the landscape


Route 9. Contadero – Ermita de Lourdes  (download here)

STOP 71. The essence of the laurisilva in a single trail: from Contadero to El Cedro

STOP 72. At the summit, tree heath and clouds

STOP 73. Garajonay is host to the biggest heather plants in the world

STOP 74. The Wax-myrtle same name, different specie

STOP 75. Be careful of what you bring and what you take away

STOP 76. The forest glade

STOP 77. Homage to the butane gas cylinder

STOP 78. You are a fortunate person

STOP 79. Terraces in the forest

STOP 80. The Laurel

STOP 81. Death can be a blessing

STOP 82. The old camp

STOP 83. The colossus of the laurisilva

STOP 84. A river full of life

STOP 85. Las mimbreras end of the route


Route 15. Circular La Meseta de Hermigua  (download here)

STOP 86. The Garajonay forest turns the clouds into water, makes use of it and then offers it to us

STOP 87. The laurisilva is the forest that 'distils' the water of the fogs

STOP 88. The mist on the summit and the water in the gulley

STOP 89. Palms trees also like water

STOP 90. Luxuriance all the way

STOP 91. The canary laurel, a species on the road to recovery