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READING. PART 2: Geocaching

Mary: Hi, John!
John: Hi, Mary! What are you looking for?
Mary: I’m looking for a treasure.
John: Really? Is there a treasure here, in the park?
Mary: It’s not really a treasure. It’s a cache. The game is called Geocaching. I am looking for a black plastic box.
John: What is it like? And what’s inside the cache?
Mary: In this case it’s a small box. There are many little things inside. People hide little plastic presents that you can exchange for other presents when you find the box. You must also sign a little book inside the box. It’s called the logbook.
John: Do many people play this game?
Mary: There are millions of people playing this game around the world. It’s very popular.
John: What do you need to play Geocaching?
Mary: You need a modern mobile phone or a GPS receiver to find the treasure.
John: How you know where to look for?
Mary: You need to open a free account to get the coordinates and write a few words about your find. It’s easy!
John: Can children play the game?
Mary: Of course. Everybody can play the game.
John: Why do you enjoy Geocaching so much?
Mary: Because it’s easy, very addictive, you meet lots of new people and see lots of new places.
John: How many caches did you find last year?
Mary: Many, over five hundred.
John: Thanks, Mary. Can I help you find this cache?
Mary: Of course. Look! Here it is!
John: What’s inside! Let me see! Look, there’s a logbook, a little red car, a black pen and some football cards.
Mary: Thanks for helping me. Now, let’s sign the logbook!