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LISTENING. PART 2: The Animal Hospital

First of all take 20 seconds to read all the questions, please.

1. A few weeks ago, the students in Year 6 went on a field ……….

a. bit
b. ship
c. trip
d. flip

2. Who visited the animal hospital?

a. Six students and one teacher.
b. Six students and two teachers.
c. The students in Year 6 and two teachers.
d. The students in Year 6, two teachers and a vet.

3. Which of these statements are true and which are false?

a. Some students want to have a party. True/False
b. Some students want to pollute the sea. True/False
c. Some students want to explore the island. True/False
d. Some students are going to look for sick animals. True/False

4. What did they find on the island?

a. A big party
b. More rubbish.
c. More sick animals
d. A hidden treasure

5. What can they do to help the animals?

a. Burn the rubbish.
b. Explore the island.
c. Throw the rubbish in the sea.
d. Pick up the rubbish and take it back home.

6. Why are the students going to be popular at school?

a. They are going to be on TV.
b. The school is going to give them a prize.
c. They are going to be on the newspapers.
d. They are going to throw rubbish in the sea.

7. The story about the students in Year 6 and their teachers is about…

a. Vets
b. Hospitals
c. Newspapers
d. Nature and recycling