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LISTENING. PART 1: Kings Island, the largest amusement park in the Midwest.

First of all take 20 seconds to read all the questions, please.

1. Where is Kings Island?
a. East of Cincinnati, Ohio.
b. West of Cincinnati, Ohio.
c. South of Cincinnati, Ohio.
d. North of Cincinnati, Ohio.

2. How many attractions are there in Kings Island?
a. 8 attractions.
b. 14 attractions.
c. Over 80 attractions.
d. Less than 18 attractions.

3. How many roller coasters are there in Kings Island?
a. Forty.
b. Eighty.
c. Fourteen.
d. Thirty-nine.

4. The Racer is the name of …
a. … a famous show.
b. … a famous roller coaster.
c. … a big water park attraction.
d. … a famous building in the park.

5. When does the park close in September?
a. On Halloween.
b. On Labour Day.
c. On the first Monday in November.
d. On the third Monday in September.

6. When do North Americans celebrate Labour Day?

a. In April
b. On Halloween
c. On May the first.
d. On the first Monday in September