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Pierre Bonnet

Pierre Bonnet was born in 1982 in Grenoble into a family of artists. Being his father a drummer  and his mother a singer, Pierre took his first steps in music and chose the bass that became his greatest passion. Raised in Jazz and Motown, he started playing in the stages and in particular in the big bands of the region with his father on drums.

In 1996 he founded with his brother Philippe Bonnet, also a drummer, and Stracho Temelkovski, guitarist, the KASSINGA lineup, a mix between Balkan sounds, groove and reggae.

In 1998, he met the legendary group Gnawa Diffusion which he joined in 2001 with his brother to become the rhythm section. With the Franco-Algerian group, discovered Algerian music, chaâbi, rai, but also traditional music Gnawa and African rhythms.

From then on, Pierre recorded records, multiplied concerts and participated in numerous festivals around the world. Since then, he has accompanied various groups and artists such as: Cheb Mami, Asma Lmnawar, Amazigh Kateb, Samira Brahmia, Le Bald'Areski, Labess, Pep's, Oum, Takfarinas, Sorif, Gaada Diwan de Béchar, and many others.

In addition to his passion for Hip Hop, he has been a "Beat Maker / Composer" for several years.

After signing in 2007 with IV My People (French hip-hop label founded in 1998 by Kool Shen NTM), participated in the production of the latter's album "Crise de Conscience "and also composed many titles for Salif, Jeff le Nerf, Sinik, Lord Kossity, Nekka, Oum, etc.

In 2016, he met Philippe Codecco, composer pianist, on the occasion of his new work “Angelo Maria” with AfroJazz influences. Following: In Soul Ensemble Project Simo Filali Chahad Syrup for Ears EP January 2018.

News 2019: New album Gnawa Diffusion (late 2019), Angelo Maria (Ep).