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January 2021
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Nantha Kumar

Nantha Kumar from South India started playing Indian drums such as tabla, kanjira and mirudangam at the tender age of 7 years. After studying with various teachers, he became a percussionist and musician at the age of 15. He was asked to play with many artists of the Carnatic and Hindustani musical genre from India.

After many years living in Asia, he became more involved with other forms of music such as jazz, African, Latin and world music. In June 1998 he moved from Asia to Europe. He currently resides in Madrid.

He has collaborated and performed with many artists and groups such as Ashok, Pathak, Sixun, Louis Winsberg, Kike Perdomo, Juan Manuel Cañizares and finished a tour of four years with violinist Ara Malikian in 2019.