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January 2021
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Miguel Manescau

With more than 20 years of professional experience, Miguel Manescau combines his two main professional facets, the musical pedagogy and the musical production and session musician.

Regarding the didactic work we must highlight his more than 20 years as a teacher where more than 3000 students have passed and the work of creative direction within the sociocultural association Mousikê with which different Master Class cycles have been carried out. seminars, workshops, etc., featuring artists from more than 15 different nationalities, such as Alain Pérez, Jonathan Kreisberg, Chico Pinheiro, Torsten de Winkel, Raimundo Amador and many others, becoming one of the most important didactic proposals of the national territory: (

As for his facet of professional musician, he has more than 30 recorded albums, carrying out musical production in more than half of them. He has performed in various festivals and theaters throughout much of the national territory France, Portugal, England, Germany, Holland, Japan, Brazil, Cuba, etc. sharing poster with artists like Victor Wooten, Bill Frisell, James Taylor, Robben Ford, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Vicente Amigo, Rosenberg trio, Sylvain Luc, Jerry Gonzalez, Chico Pinherio, Marina Machado, Deborah Carter, Marcos Assunçao, etc.