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Kharim Ziad

Karim Ziad is an Algerian-born musician. He remembers his youth in Algiers, a city in which he enriched himself with his first musical experiences.

He likes to say that the African continent is itself a school of music. Accomplice of N'Guyen Lê in "Maghreb and Friends", drummer of Cheb Mommy and Joe Zawinul, Karim Ziad signed his first album with multi-rich ACT influences. A journey through the polyrhythms and songs of Africa (Ifrikia), an emotion in the colors of Gnawa music, jazz harmonies, funk rhythms, Arabic melodies ...

The drummer was always as an extraordinary musician on all musical stages recognized. Fueled by traditional folk music, he is interested in all trends and knows, in Paris, jazz. A meeting flash of lightning.

Karim Ziad is currently the Artistic Director of the Gnawa Festival in Essaouira.