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Achraff El Idrissen

Born in the town of Alhucemas, Morocco.

Achraff El Idrissen began early to play the guitar with his father wrapped in the musical environment of the Amazigh tradition. Later on he started learning other instruments and improved the guitar technique with the teacher José Sevilla Nohales. Shortly after he established contact with the Riffian teacher Hassan Thidrin, delving further into traditional Amazigh music and the Riffian songwriters music.

In 2000 he created the musical group Thagrawla with which he mixed traditional riffian music with the sounds of rock. Years later he traveled to Algeria in search of new paths for his music, playing with local groups and soaking up the sounds of Kabylia.

During his stay in the city of Granada, he founded the Iberian-Berber music group Atroj, participating in various folk festivals. With this training he discovered his interest in the fusion with Andalusian and Iberian oral tradition music.

He collaborates with groups in Tenerife, where he founded together with other colleagues Imazighen and Ait Nahaya in order to merge Amazigh music with genres of other peoples of the world.

He currently collaborates with various artists and local groups, highlighting Kike Perdomo, Gothic Cat, Domingo Rodríguez "El Colorao", Luisa Machado, Beselch Rodriguez, Improvicao, Rogelio Botanz and Ellipsis, Caracoles and Los Velcros.