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Althay Paez

Althay Paez is a timplist from the island of Fuerteventura with an exquisite playing technique. Among his contemporaries he is recognized as a virtuoso of the Canarian instrument, both for his technical abilities and for the state of mind to which he leads his instrument in his live performances.

He brings together very powerful accents related to tradition and, however, with a spirit of contemporaneity that makes it unique and extraordinary in the panorama of instrumental music in the Canary Islands.

Despite having cultivated these virtues from a very young age in numerous live concerts in and outside his home islands and in numerous collaborations with other artists.


Following awards should be mentioned:

- First Prize for Music of Fuerteventura. Year 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004.

- First Timple Prize of the Canary Government 1998 and 2000

- First Prize in the year 2000 Blas Sánchez Foundation in Villa de Ingenio.

- Guest Artist in Mestisay

- Guest artist of Orishas

- Final Got Telecinco in two editions

- Ivan Collaboration, Corridor Effect

- Collaboration Jorge Glem (Venezuelan cuatrista)

- Performance Førde International Folk Music Festival, Norway

- Performance in Womex.

- Performance on Maps.

- European Tour 21 cities Le Caravan Guitar (introducing timple in manouche music with two record productions).

- Concerts in New York, New Orleans, Miami, Puerto Rico with the verifier Yeray Rodríguez and the singer Pedro Manuel Afonso and Domingo Rodriguez “el Colorao”.

- Concerts offered at festivals in Casa Blanca and Bamako (Mali) with the Timple and Piano project.

- Nalaya Brown Collaboration

- Performances Germany, Peninsula, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Holland, Prague, Italy, Canary Islands.