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The Canary Islands Youth Orchestra, involving over 170 young musicians from around the islands, is a formative and artistic project by the Gobierno de Canarias that began in December 2016, making their debut on stage with the New Year concerts at the beginning of January 2017. During its first four years, the JOCAN has given 57 concerts, which have been praised by critics and audiences. Over 27.000 people have attended their concerts and followed the evolution and growth of this young orchestra. The Canary Islands Youth Orchestra arose from the need to create a symphoniy orchestra to bring together a selection of young, trained musicians, with the objective of providing an environment to gain experience in the symphonic field under the guidance internationally prestigious artists, teachers and conductors. The JOCAN, both in its symphonic and chamber formation, has been endorsed as an important ensemble in artistic and musical aspects. Artistic director, Victor Pablo Perez, audiences and the teachers have all applauded the value and talent of young Canarian musicians. During Christmas 2018 the JOCAN was invited to take part in a major tour of China, performing nine concerts. Taking their music around the country, two concerts stand out: the inauguration at the Zibo Auditorium, and the Shanghai Concert Hall, China´s most important classical music venue. The JOCAN has played under the baton of conductors such as Víctor Pablo Pérez, Vicent Alberola, Rubén Gimeno, Carole Petitdemange and Lucía Marín. It has performed alongside great soloists including pianist Iván Martín, trumpetist Stephen Burns, violinist Alexandra Soumm, tenor Airam Hernández and soprano Eugenia Boix. As part of their training, the musicians have worked with internationally acclaimed teachers, for example David Ballesteros, Adrián Linares, Ángel Luis Quintana, Jorge Villar, Eloy Panizo, Miguel Ángel Dionis and Gustavo Díaz. They have also collaborated with other orchestras and ensembles, such as the Community of Madrid Youth Orchestra, the Community of Madrid Orchestra, the RTVE Chorus, the Orchestra of Cadaqués and the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. During the summer season of 2022, the JOCAN have been invited to take part in a tour of Euskadi.

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