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Banda Sinfonica Municipal de LPGC

The Banda Municipal de Música de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was constituted back in the 19th century, (1888 to be precise), and continues to make giant strides within the city´s musical scene even now in the 21st century. The Band has always been a musical benchmark, while always adapting to current trends and attracting new followers throughout its 125 years history.

The century-old group runs an ongoing programme throughout the year with weekly concerts. It also puts on experimental concerts for tourists, while its chords can be heard reverberating in public spaces all around the city, and are an ever present at institutional events when required. The 40 musicians that make up the BMM make regular appearances at religious, patrón saint and institutional concerts, as well as cultural and musical events, both in the city itself and elsewhere around the island.

Over its many years of existence, the BMM has always been openly concerned with maintaining a musical culture in keeping with the local musical roots. It has also embraced new repertoires to adapt to different audiences, offering an interactive environment between musicians and music enthusiasts in general, and forging new links with other musical institutions.

Over the last few years, the Town Hall at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to which the Musical Band is assigned, has placed all its musical heritage in the Provincial Historical Archive, for the recovery, digitalization and custody of its musical scores. They have started compiling, researching and logging the archives acquired by the group since its early days, in order to create a collection of all their fine musical works.

The Banda Municipal has been awarded with the Gold Medal for the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and the Silver Medal for Achievement, awarded by the Local Police Force.