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Dúo Antwerp

Duo Antwerp is formed by two outstanding performers: Adilia Yip on the marimba and Daniel Belloví on the bass clarinet, who always believe in the enormous potential of this unique combination. Through original works from contemporary composers and classical arrangements, the Duo extends the amazing possibilities of marimba and bass clarinet in both musical interpretation and high technical level. Every concert of the Duo is an enjoyable music experience full of creativity and cultural excursions.

Named as Duo Antwerp, Antwerp city is where the international Duo established in the end of 2010. Sharing the same pursuit of music and passion to their instruments, the musicians were brought together in spite of differences in culture and language—Adilia from Hong Kong and Daniel from Valencia, Spain.

Since the first concert tour, Duo Antwerp has successfully attracted public attention towards their unconventional instruments and music repertoire and gained well-acclaimed recognition among professional performers, composers and other musicians. Highlight concerts include recitals in concert halls, festivals and auditoriums in Belgium and Spain, such as: deSingel Antwerp, 5th European Clarinet Festival, Klassiek in den Botaniek, Wuustwezel Cultural Center (Belgium), Palau de la Música in Valencia, Auditorium "Enrique Granados" in Lleida, Rafelbunyol Auditorium, Auditori "Moli de Vila" in Quart de Poblet, Conservatory of Castellón, Velluters Professional Conservatory in Valencia, Percussion Festival Baketes in Benetusser, Auditorium Commonwealth "Hoya Buñol-Chiva". Numerous masterclass in marimba and bass clarinet, such as: the Baketes Festival Benetusser, the Professional and Superior Conservatory of Castellón, Velluters Professional Conservatory in Valencia, Municipal Conservatory of Lleida.

Besides, Duo Antwerp aims at the development of duo marimba and bass clarinet for a more varied repertoire and better technical skills. Since 2011, the duo works with a long list of important composers worldwide to create new works for Duo Antwerp: Eva Lopszyc (Argentina), Pere Sanz, Josep Roda, José Alamá-Gil, Manuel Morcillo, Francisco Andreu Comos, Enrique Rodilla (Spain), Enric Riu (US/ Spain), Alexandre Ouzounoff (France), Chris Hung (Hong Kong). The compositions are premiered by Duo Antwerp and published by Musicvall, Edicions Musicals CB, the "Duo Antwerp Collection”.