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Octuber 2021
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Oyvind Gimse

Cello player Øyvind Gimse is the Trondheim Soloists´ artistic director from 2002 continuing with the characteristic wide profile and versatility of the orchestra. He studied inMunich,Salzburg andVienna with professors as Walter Nothas, Frans Helmersen and William Pleeth, and he became first cello in Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra between 1991 and 1997.

At present he is professor at the Trondheim School of Music and he has a great career as soloist and chamber musician.

Øyvind Gimse combines poetry, visual arts, dance and theatre into a global artistic outfit. He has a unique ability to emotion the audience, placing the musical experience in the centre of his performance.

“He has all what is needed to become an international soloists”, said Anne- Sophie Mutter to the newspaper Adresseavisen in Trondheim.