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Octuber 2021
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Galdós Ensemble

Founded by pianist Ivan Martin in 2011, Galdos Ensemble is a versatile group of musicians, most of them from the canary islands, with remarkable international careers, joined in order to perform music written for small orchestra or instrumental group from baroque era until nowadays, respecting equally historic and romantic performance and avant garde-contemporary trends, adapting its instrumental template as needed by different repertoires.

Since the release of its first recording project for Warner Music dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart piano concertos K.107 and Johann Samuel Schroeter piano concerto op.3, Galdos Ensemble has caught the attention of critics, whom have acclaimed this album as a reference. Currently, the group is preparing the recording of its next album, dedicated to composer Frédéric Chopin. Next engagements include presentations in different cities around Spain and Germany, Austria, Swiss and Italy.