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The International Canary Islands Music Festival reaches a long-held aspiration and celebrates its 30th Anniversary with the presence of one of the three most important symphonic ensembles on the planet: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by one of the most renowned conductor in the world, Maestro Riccardo Muti.

The American orchestra will open the Cycle 2014, offering two different concerts in both two capital venues, highlighting the international projection of this event, where almost all the top names of the most renowned orchestras, conductors and soloists in the classical musical firmament have been present.

Chicago Symphony in the Canary Islands represents a milestone. This will be the biggest and greatest event in the musical sphere.

It’s important to mention that this achievement is a result of the common work of the Councils of Culture and Tourism of the Canary Government, pursuing the aim of setting the 30th Anniversary of the International Canary Islands Music Festival as a music reference in the international Festival schedules.

The Festival’s programme in its 30th birthday wants to reinforce the Festival’s position as one of the most significant Festivals of the Spanish and European scene, gaining more value due to the difficult economical situation. The presence of Chicago Symphony - one of the “greatest” that hadn’t already visited us- strengthens the importance of our renowned Festival.

We begin a very special edition, a new Cycle in a new year, with the hope of prosperity for all.

A very special date for us to extend our gratefulness to everybody who contributed, along these 30 years, to make possible the International Canary Islands Music Festival.